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Edward Jorré

Change Work


Curiosity, study, research, development, creation, practice and continuous training to add, transform, combine and blend creatively, multitude varied disciplines, and generate powerful Integrative tailor made & personalized processes of Generative Change and Transformation for his clients. From within, a net or web thinking angle and a systemic vision, which includes lots of humour, surprise, novelty, professionalism, motivation, Flow and added value.

Edward is incredibly charismatic and inspiring. His great intuition and creativity, which he projects immensely, are some of his stand out features, and he knows well to channel and direct it into big and great projects. Curious in nature, extraordinarily versatile and with knowledge and experience in multitude and diverse areas related to business, as well as, education, arts, music, etc. He is a person with powerful listening capabilities, empathetic and kind who easily creates trustful, learning and growth spaces. It’s an honour being able to count on him.

Beatriz García Ricondo

"Ed is a gifted change worker whose skill set is only eclipsed by his heart. He has a way of making people feel safe and inspired as he helps them to make profound changes. I recommend him completely and without any reservations!"

Melissa Tiers

Founder of “The Center for Integrative Hypnosis” and “NGH” & “International Association Of Therapists and Councelors and Therapists” instructor. Adjunct Faculty Member of “The Open Center and Tri-State College of Acupuncture”.
Edward is a true and excellent professional in the world of training. Very well qualified, extremely attentive to the needs of his students and with the necessary firmness to manage any situation. His high competence makes him an obliged must for whoever is looking for excellence in the development of skills. It is a true pleasure to be able to work with him.

Xavier pirla

NLP Master Trainer Practitioner