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Edward Jorré comes from a multicultural and diverse family. He uses and expresses perfectly in both English and Spanish. Holding a British nationality, he has worked, studied or lived in UK, Spain and USA. He has extensive experiential and existential experience at various levels such as; professional, socio-cultural, socio-economic and personal levels.

His fundamental drive, is his need to be independent, creating possibilities and options to study and research, ideate, develop, experiment and create from, within and towards freedom; always to observe, listen, smell, taste, feel and move as well as, Flow, beyond what is, evident and tangible. Curiosity is at the heart of his passionate lifestyle, always through the lens of creativity, in focussed search of innovation for development and Change; be it at individual, team or system level, business organisation or project. Rhizome and systemic, thinking and vision.

His vast professional experience includes among many, top level executives from different sectors and industries such as consulting, advertising, automotive, telecommunications, banking, energy, motorbikes, industry, education, wellbeing, arts, fashion, image and sound, and continues to work at “in company programs”, as well as in his private practice, to a diverse client base from different sectors, cultures, social stratums and age.

He collaborates with different professionals and institutions at national and international level in the areas of Coaching, NLP, and Hypnosis and mind-body wellbeing.

He has translated into Spanish “The Anti-anxiety Toolkit” by Melissa Tiers and is currently translating her award winning book “Integrative Hypnosis: A Comprehensive Course in Change”, as well as collaborating with her in other innovative projects related to the field of hypnosis amongst other areas.

He also develops experimental projects from the angles of curiosity and learning, loaded with creativity and innovation, both independently and in a collaborative form, with other creators and professionals from different fields. In continuous search of excellence, applicability, added value and innovation at all levels.


  • Integrative Hypnosis (CIH)
  • Integrative Life Coach (CIH)
  • Integrative Life Coach (IACT)
  • Master Practitioner NLP (NLP Society – Bandler)
  • Teams and Systemic Leadership Specialist Coach (ICF)
  • Professional Expert Coach (ICF)
  • BA Hons. Languages, Economics and Politics – (Kingston University)
  • Advanced Audio Engineering – (Surrey University)
  • Advanced Audio Engineering (Alchemea – London)