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Thanks for giving me the opportunity to indulge in my curiosity, learn, be creative and empower myself to continue being free and so much more….

"Ed is a gifted change worker whose skill set is only eclipsed by his heart. He has a way of making people feel safe and inspired as he helps them to make profound changes. I recommend him completely and without any reservations!"

Melissa Tiers

Founder of “The Center for Integrative Hypnosis” and “NGH” & “International Association Of Therapists and Councelors and Therapists” instructor. Adjunct Faculty Member of “The Open Center and Tri-State College of Acupuncture”.
Edward is incredibly charismatic and inspiring. His great intuition and creativity, which he projects immensely, are some of his stand out features, and he knows well to channel and direct it into big and great projects. Curious in nature, extraordinarily versatile and with knowledge and experience in multitude and diverse areas related to business, as well as, education, arts, music, etc. He is a person with powerful listening capabilities, empathetic and kind who easily creates trustful, learning and growth spaces. It’s an honour being able to count on him.

Beatriz Garcia Ricondo

MCC Coach
Edward is a true and excellent professional in the world of training. Very well qualified, extremely attentive to the needs of his students and with the necessary firmness to manage any situation. His high competence makes him an obliged must for whoever is looking for excellence in the development of skills. It is a true pleasure to be able to work with him.

Xavier pirla

NLP Master Trainer Practitioner
I’ve known Ed for many years and I’ve been fortunate , as well as, had the pleasure to share with him, different moments full of intelligent humour and creativity, directed to motivate to achieve results in a brilliant and efficient way. I’ve always felt very well in his sessions in English about leadership and innovation, which have helped me so much to drive my focus and look for opportunities in my business. Putting aside all that I’ve learned with this wizard of the emotions, I must stand out his charisma, generosity and spiritual strength, which have helped me always so much to find serenity, as if it was just a game.

Renato del Bino

The truth is that I have found Edward’s method very refreshing and out of the box. It’s all about being in the correct place and he takes you there smoothly in what seems a no rule game, but which is, in the deeper layers. The result is always, from my point of view, not only a well-conduced session but also a very empowering one that leaves you in the right mood to carry on towards your goal!! Smooth and empowering!

Ramón Garzón Peñalver

21st Century Entrepreneur and Businessman
Ed is a person with a vital enriching experience, which allows him to apply it in all his areas. Extraordinary in Coaching and Mentoring both in English and Spanish, full of creativity and creating tangible results from the very first moments in which you meet him. He is someone you can trust in, from his experience, knowledge and talent.

David Sanz Bascuas

Data & Analytics Manager, KPMG Spain
I’ve had the opportunity to work with Edward during the last ten years, principally in the learning of English but also in areas related to team motivation with excellent results. Edward is a responsible and committed professional with a new and creative methodology, who feeds personal participation and growth to the people he interacts with. Highly recommendable for the learning of English both at work and personal levels, as well as teambuilding activities and team empowerment.

Javier Rodríguez Pérez

President of Piaggio Spain.
I was lucky enough to participate in one of Ed’s workshops without even knowing. An experience which was going to be just one more hour of a weekend in training which extended into two physical hours and a permanent unforgettable experience. An organised case of music, contact and brain revolutions, which makes you, crash with yourself, the rest, and a non existent future plan, which begins unfolding in front of your eyes. The experience made me dance, Flow and think. A reflection about the things I needed to share and appreciated keeping to myself. A moment to be on my own within a group of people where each one would take what was necessary, creating a unique and single experience for each participant. A combination of learning, senses and lots of Flow! I remember it as unexpectedly motivating and liberating.

Marta Torrijos Muelas

Apprentice educating in all areas
I came to Edward Jorre’s practice in a moment of my life that I was feeling greatly lost. With no motivation, fearful and in a state in which I couldn’t even recognise myself. It’s unknown to me the scientific or “magical” base that this gentleman practices, but the results were both fast and amazing. In very little time I began to be myself again, recuperating the confidence and motivation, which I always had next to me. I don’t have enough words to thank his work and dedication. I can only therefore but recommend his work without any reservation or doubt. Moreover, he is a great guy.

Nacho sarrais

Visual Artist
When you come across Ed, you notice in his eyes that he has integrated different Personal Growth disciplines and the conscious journey of the human being. I think he is a kind of alchemist of this century who helps people, to bring their self-value out, to empower themselves and to plan and develop a meaningful life. I recommend him as great companion in those powerful journeys of Self-transformation!

Lorena Muñoz Lavín

Ontological Coach
Take the wand and ask your wish –Ed told me the first day. I want calmness and confidence! And… Voilà! As if wizard’s spell, my relationships start changing and I feel powerful. Goodbye fears. I have taken the lead in my life.

Beatriz Martínez Ríos

Painter and Expert in Co-operation and Development
When I was (literally) lost in problems, when the fog turns upon your eyes, when one’s words are of no use, when you see an end, which wasn’t the one you saw at the start. Thanks Ed for helping me focus on the objective again. For clearing the days and allowing me to continue till the end. For helping me see myself achieving something I thought impossible. Thanks for your enthusiasm!

Ana Cáceres

Confident civil servant examinee
I have experienced different professionals in the field of psychology, with the aim of becoming someone different, of changing and eradicating personal things about my behaviour and thoughts… Few people I’ve met as him. Without doubt he’s a woken being, enlightened in a world of sleeping and mediocre people, who transmits magic, harmony and such happiness it’s impossible to not feel contagious. A different person, neither better nor worse, but in a different dimension. Ahead of his time, helping people to make their best version. And I’ve tried thousands of ways, techniques, medication; self-help books, speeches and none of them have made me become the person I’m nowadays compared to the one before. Living as I’ve always wanted and thanks to, in such a short time, his model of work. And with no doubt his hypnosis. I went from living life in darkness and fearful, to living in full light and confidence, and the engineer of it all, has been this man.

Andrés de las Heras

Firstly, I’d like to point the result achieved after “6?” “enjoyed” sessions: I felt liberated and free from my own pressure for taking responsibilities about things which weren’t my responsibility. Before this experience I suffered from an action/reaction effect, which was making me behave impulsively, and even obnoxiously and displeasing with the rest. Now I take things easier: I show myself much more confident in situations under pressure, being able to divert these responsibilities to the person who must really feel the responsibility; summarising: I was making mine, responsibilities which weren’t”. With respect to the process, it’s an experience to feel how step-by-step you start liberating yourself, thanks to the trust Ed transmits. Not only he transmits the trust for you to open your thoughts, but also the confidence he generates in oneself to know, from the very first moment, that a positive result will be achieved. And all thanks to the pleasant and easy ambient which Ed was able to generate between both.

Juan Rodríguez

Before working with Ed, ENGLISH was my pending subject, as even after the efforts and all the time dedicated (years), I always saw myself at the same spot; unable to understand and keep a conversation in ENGLISH. I had a feeling of frustration due to the reduced results achieved in the different methods. To work with Ed has been one of the best experiences in these last years both at professional and personal level, always giving and providing just positive things. Ed makes of LEARNING and ENGLISH a natural, fun process where you notice the results at the very first moment. He is not only a teacher or coach, he’s a FRIEND who has helped, helps and will help me to understand Shakespeare’s language and many more things in the most natural and fun way I’ve found.

Raul Redondo Torremocha

Current Account and Warranties Responsible at Cecabank, S.A

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