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Be it, to develop leadership or charisma, or improve efficiency in team, resources or time. Maybe you need to generate power presentations. Develop and learn how to connect into high performance states and efficiency…. Negotiation, English, motivation…
Improve work environment, communication, train teams to better manage and control stress and team-build for a correct management for objectives completion. Generate added value, satisfaction (both internally and outwards with client experience) or motivation.
These are some of the programs we could develop but get in touch and we comment your specific case and needs.

PROGRAMS (In English, Spanish or combined)

  • Leadership Coaching
  • Charisma Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Team and Systemic Leadership Coaching
  • Coaching for Learning and practical use of English
  • High Performance States and Focus
  • Teambuilding
  • Training and Workshops in effective and efficient communication, presentations, stress management, added value generation, sales techniques, efficient and operative objectives design, motivation, trust…
  • Collaboration in teams interested in diversification to encourage applied creativity and innovation to develop projects, goods or services into more advanced levels and stages.
  • Conferences and motivational speeches…


I’ve had the opportunity to work with Edward during the last ten years, principally in the learning of English but also in areas related to team motivation with excellent results. Edward is a responsible and committed professional with a new and creative methodology, who feeds personal participation and growth to the people he interacts with. Highly recommendable for the learning of English both at work and personal levels, as well as teambuilding activities and team empowerment.

Javier Rodríguez Pérez

President of Piaggio Spain
Ed is a person with a vital enriching experience, which allows him to apply it in all his areas. Extraordinary in Coaching and Mentoring both in English and Spanish, full of creativity and creating tangible results from the very first moments in which you meet him. He is someone you can trust in, from his experience, knowledge and talent.

David Sanz Bascuas

Data & Analytics Manager, KPMG Spain
I’ve known Ed for many years and I’ve been fortunate , as well as, had the pleasure to share with him, different moments full of intelligent humour and creativity, directed to motivate to achieve results in a brilliant and efficient way. I’ve always felt very well in his sessions in English about leadership and innovation, which have helped me so much to drive my focus and look for opportunities in my business. Putting aside all that I’ve learned with this wizard of the emotions, I must stand out his charisma, generosity and spiritual strength, which have helped me always so much to find serenity, as if it was just a game.

Renato del Bino


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